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5 colleagues of Laubwerk's Team

Laubwerk Team

The Laubwerk team are dedicated to giving users the best-looking and most usable 3D plant models available today.

Laubwerk understands the needs of architects and CG artists because we come from the same background. Our team of CG botany specialists and computer science experts have been driving innovation in 3D plant visualization and modeling for over two decades. That is why every Laubwerk 3D plant model looks great and is designed for maximum usability.

  • Philip Paar

    CEO and Founding Partner

    Philip oversees the strategic vision and daily operations of Laubwerk GmbH. He has been dedicated to the field of 3D landscape modeling and visualization since 2000. Occasionally, Philip is invited as guest lecturer, e.g. by the National University of Singapore, or by the ETH Zurich's Masters of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture.

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    Timm Dapper

    CTO and Founding Partner

    Timm leads the development of all Laubwerk 3D software solutions. His software development credits include sole designer on Xfrog 4 for Maxon Cinema 4D, and, of course, the Laubwerk software system, including Laubwerk Plants Kits.

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  • Dr. Daniel Lorenz

    Senior Software Developer

    Daniel worked more than 10 years as researcher in the area of performance optimization and parallel computing, e.g., at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre, but also at other institutions. He is an experienced developer with C/C++ and Python. At Laubwerk, he works on the development and improvement of algorithms and plugins.

    Alamgir Nasir

    Senior Software Developer

    Alamgir started out as a freelance artist now an experienced software engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer grpahics industry. Primary focus at Laubwerk is being plugin development, graphics algorithms and scripting for 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema 4D.

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  • Martin Puse

    Software Developer

    Martin has 7 years of experience in the IT industry including working with streaming and web technologies, but his real addiction is graphics programming. With an additional background of teaching pupils for another 7 years, he also gives courses on game development, real time graphics and programming languages at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

    Damaris Lory

    Landscape designer and plant specialist

    Damaris Lory began working as a plant specialist for the Laubwerk team while finishing her landscape architecture studies at the Technical University of Berlin. She reviews plant models and helps to build the metadata section for future references, while pursuing her interest in planting design and microclimate within urban environments.

  • Jesse Farber

    Software Developer and visual artist

    An award-winning visual artist and a developer in Ruby and Javascript, Jesse began working with SketchUp more than ten years ago, initially using it to design installations, exhibitions, and sculptural works. 

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    Dr. Liviu Coconu

    Freelance Senior Software Developer

    Freelance Senior Software Developer Liviu is Laubwerk's computer graphics expert working remotely from Vienna. He develops new features and processing algorithms for the Laubwerk software core.

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  • Jan Walter Schliep

    Senior 3D Artist

    Laubwerk’s lead 3D artist Jan Walter Schliep has one of the most extensive resumes in the 3D plant-modeling industry, having created a majority of the 3D models for greenwork's Xfrog and XfrogPlants series, the CG software used by Hollywood heavyweights Pixar.

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    Tom Schlander

    Reseller Channel Manager

    Tom has over 10 years of experience in software and hardware sales and knows how to grow sales and drive the business. His strengths include creating sales channels, driving business forward and building excellent relationships with his customers.

  • Jon A. Juarez

    Biologist and Photographer

    Educated as a biologist, Jon’s self-taught passion for taking pictures lead him to the perfect intersection of the two, shooting the beautiful foliage that becomes Laubwerk’s photo-realistic 3D trees. His experimental techniques in photographing plants is just one of the innovations that Laubwerk Plants is bringing to the world of 3D trees.

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    Prof. Dr. Oliver Deussen

    Scientific Advisor, University of Konstanz

    Oliver Deussen is one of the world's leading experts in modeling and rendering complex landscapes and it's applications in architecture, landscape design, ecology, arts, film and advertising. He co-founded two of the 3D plants industry's most successful companies, Greenworks Organic Software and Xfrog Inc.

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