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ArchVision and Laubwerk Announce Strategic Partnership

For Immediate Release: Laubwerk’s 3D Plant Kits will be available in RPC format as part of a massive overhaul and relaunch of ArchVision’s RPC technology later this year.

ArchVision and Laubwerk announce a new strategic partnership. Laubwerk’s stunning plants are now available as easy-to-use RPCs with ArchVision subscriptions!

Press Release

Laubwerk 3D Plant Kits Blossom in Next Generation RPC format

Lexington (Kentucky, USA) and Potsdam (Germany), October 24, 2019: ArchVision and Laubwerk are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership. Laubwerk’s 3D Plants Kits will be available in ArchVision’s RPC format as part of a massive overhaul and relaunch of ArchVision’s RPC technology later this year.

One of the greatest benefits of ArchVision’s RPC is that you create once and use everywhere. With Laubwerk’s stunning collections of foliage and plant life assets published as ArchVision RPCs, designers will benefit from a faster, easier workflow across a host of applications like Revit, Rhino, SketchUp and 3ds Max—and in parallel support, a variety of rendering technologies like V-Ray, Corona Render, Enscape, Unreal Engine and more. Create once, use everywhere!

“Laubwerk is a remarkable software company powered by a team of talented foliage designers who are on the cutting edge of 3D visualization. Pairing ArchVision’s RPC technology with their 3D Plants Kits aligns with both of our companies’ shared mission: to bring the best content and technology to architects and landscape architects around the world,” stated Corey Rubadue, ArchVision CEO.

ArchVision content delivered through AVAIL’s industry-leading content management platform, allowing for intuitive searching, tagging, sharing, and usage of 3D assets in virtually any design application without time-consuming file conversions or unnecessarily convoluted workflows.

Laubwerk CEO Philip Paar says, “Thanks to the partnership between Laubwerk and ArchVision, CG artists and architects can enhance their creative designs with remarkable plant assets and a more fluid workflow. They are empowered with top-of-the-line content that’s easier to use than ever before.”

With a subscription through, designers can now purchase Laubwerk’s 3D plant collections in the RPC format for use with all compatible applications! The classic format plants, bundled with the Laubwerk Player plugin, are available at Laubwerk’s online store.


About ArchVision

ArchVision delivers world-class digital assets (Rich Photorealistic Content or RPC) to designers through a SaaS subscription model. The assets are 100% platform-agnostic and can be used in any design application without file conversion, including Revit, 3ds Max, Autocad, Microstation, FormZ, Rhino, Modo, SketchUp, and Photoshop. Designers access, manage and utilize RPCs through AVAIL’s industry-leading content management platform.

Proprietary assets by ArchVision include Family and Detail Warehouse, a collection of ready-to-use Revit Drafting Views and AutoCAD details with more than 27,500 roof, window, door, and foundation details for designers to use to enhance their 3D visualizations.

About Laubwerk

Laubwerk creates elegant 3D tree asset solutions for professional CG artists and designers. With the ease-of-use of traditional static libraries and the dynamism of full plant modelers, Laubwerk’s 3D Plants Kits offer creators the best of both worlds. Powered by the novel programming of Laubwerk’s CG engineers, users enjoy a fluid interface that expertly balances the creativity of the artist with a streamlined workflow.


Media Contacts

Laubwerk: Philip Paar |
ArchVision: Corey Rubadue |


Download renderings

Laubwerk Plants RPC - Sugar Maple  Laubwerk Plants RPC - Silver Wattle  Laubwerk Plants RPC - Pink Mussaenda  Laubwerk Plants RPC - Western Redcedar