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Tilia Cordata

Laubwerk Plants

Laubwerk Plants are high-quality, customizable 3D tree models for Autodesk 3ds Max & Maya, MAXON Cinema 4D, Trimble SketchUp, and Vectorworks 2023 (or newer)  that save time and look great.

Each tree species comes in three (3) shapes, three (3) ages and four (4) seasons, for a total of 36 variations. The Plants are bundled in Plants Kits, each with a selection of 10 customizable tree species, for a total of 360 variations per Kit. Plants Kits include the free Laubwerk Player that brings the 3D trees to life.

Plants Kits Details


Laubwerk Advantage

Plug and Play

  • One-click solution for architects and CG artists who need realistic 3D trees, immediately.

Fast and Fluent

  • Render-ready 3D trees minimize the need for finetuning that can otherwise interrupt your workflow.

Easy and Integrated

  • Drag-and-drop plants inside 3ds Max & Maya, and MAXON Cinema 4D, or Trimble SketchUp.


  • Simple settings are a mouse click away.

Smart Content

  • Go beyond static models! Choose the shape, age, season and detail of each tree.

High Tech

  • Laubwerk technology minimizes the usual compromise between high-quality graphics and efficient memory usage.

Price and Licensing

  • 'Per Artist' license
  • Attractive pricing per Kit, e.g. single user 149€ (w/o VAT),  two users 279€, etc.
  • Additional render nodes are free of charge

Tree Species and Configurations

Highly useful trees from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific, with just the right amount of control for each tree.

  • Each Plant Kit comes with 10 customizable tree species. Check Plant Kits now!
  • The Plant Kit Freebie comes with 7 fully-functioning tree species, the tropical Kentia palm, the Mediterranean Turkish pine, the temperate common broom shrub, the tropical frangipani tree, the temperate field maple, the butterfly bush 'Pablo Purple', and the ornamental perennial Rocky Mountain columbine 'McKana'. Get your FREE Plant Kit Freebie now!
  • Each tree species comes in three (3) shapes, three (3) ages and four (4) seasons, for a total of 36 variations.
  • More species and Kits coming soon.

Laubwerk Player

The free Laubwerk Player plug-in brings the 3D trees to life.

Realistic 3D Tree Models

Laubwerk uses a hybrid of procedural modeling and hand-detailing by botanist and 3D artists to make the most realistic CG trees.

  • Render-ready materials and textures are created on the fly - for the built-in renderer (3ds Max, Maya & Cinema 4D), or third-party renderers such as V-Ray, mental ray, iray, Maxwell Render, Thea Render, Arnold, OctaneRender, and Corona Renderer.
  • Leaves consist of more than just a single polygon, so they bend and catch highlights.
  • Textures are based on high quality photos from real trees.
  • Models maintain shape and density, regardless of detail level.

Kizo, 2013, Laubwerk Plants Kit 1 and Freebie, rendered in VRAYforC4D

System Requirements

  • Autodesk 3ds Max (2015-2023), Autodesk Maya (2018-2023, Win & Mac, Linux on request), MAXON Cinema 4D (R16-26, 2023, Mac & Win), Trimble SketchUp (2014-2022, Mac & Win) with V-Ray for SketchUp or Thea Render for SketchUp, and Vectorworks 2023 (or newer).
  • Additionally, Python for customers to build their own importers into applications compatible with Python for Windows 2.7, 3.3- 3.4, MacOS X 3.5-3.8, Linux 3.4-3.8.
  • A computer that is capable of running your version(s) of 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, or SketchUp.
  • 10MB of hard disk space and additional space for the Laubwerk Plants models.

Installation Instructions

Our aim is to make the installation process as easy as possible for you. If you like to get more information, we have compiled these Laubwerk Plants Kits installation instructions, including advanced topics such as considerations when working in a network.