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Timm Dapper

Timm Dapper

CTO and Founding Partner

Timm leads the development of all Laubwerk 3D software solutions. His software development credits include sole designer on Xfrog 4 for Maxon Cinema 4D, and, of course, the Laubwerk software system, including Laubwerk Plants Kits.

Timm got his start in computer graphics in the 1990s by creating architectural visualizations for property developers. His CV includes software development at DotC Software, mental images (MetaSL), AixSponza and Maxon. He has also worked as technical director for commercial and movie picture companies, including Locomotion Digital Facilities, Berliner Film Companie, Uncharted Territory and ScanlineVFX.

Timm even got a taste of Hollywood hit-making, working with Roland Emmerich, famed director of special effects-driven blockbusters such as Independence Day and 2012.

Timm Dapper first met his future Laubwerk partner Philip Paar while working as a freelance software developer for greenworks (Xfrog) in 2005. He is the mastermind of Laubwerk's software core technology.

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