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Laubwerk Plants Kit 3

Introducing Plants Kit 3

Laubwerk Kit 3 features some of the most spectacular examples of tropical trees found around the world.

The latest 3D tree models in Laubwerks' Plants Kit series offers the finest species from the tropical regions of Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas.

Press Release

Laubwerk heads to the equator for Plants Kit 3

Potsdam, December 20, 2013: German 3D greenery start-up Laubwerk has already wowed the CG community with their impressive selection of temperate deciduous trees found in the first two installments of their Plants Kit series of CG trees for 3ds Max and CINEMA 4D. Now, they present Plants Kit 3, a collection of 10 tropical tree species found across Asia, Africa, the Pacific and the Americas.

Plants Kit 3 features some of the most spectacular examples of tropical trees found around the world, including Adenanthera pavonina (coral wood), Albizia saman (rain tree), Bauhinia x blakeana Hong Kong orchid tree), Delonix regia (royal poinciana), Khaya senegalensis (African  mahogany), Peltophorum pterocarpum (yellow flame tree), Schefflera actinophylla (Queensland umbrella tree), Syzygium grande (sea apple), Tabebuia rosea (pink trumpet tree), Terminalia catappa (tropical almond).

“There is an endless amount of amazing trees in the world,” says Laubwerk CEO Philip Paar. “We chose these trees to give users who need a tropical setting all of the advantages that Laubwerk 3D trees have to offer.”

Terence Bong, creative director at Obilia states: "In tropical Singapore, the rain tree is prominently planted throughout the city. Laubwerk's procedural 3D model of this massive umbrella-shaped tree is essential in our CGI artworks of green sustainable designs for WOHA architects."

"Lately, I've been working on a lot of projects in Angola," Portuguese architect Gonçalo Próspero says. "One of my favorite trees for these projects is Laubwerk's royal poinciana (called the acácia-rubra in Portuguese). One of nature's most spectacular trees is now just as impressive in 3D."

Like the temperate deciduous tree models found in Laubwerk Plants Kits 1 and 2, each tropical species is carefully crafted by botanical specialists and 3D modeling experts using a hybrid of handcrafted and procedural modeling methods. The Laubwerk system allows 3D artists and architects to insert photorealistic tree models into their 3D scenes quickly and easily, without the usual slow downs due to overly complicated parameters or excess memory usage.

“Our system continues to improve,” says Laubwerk CTO Timm Dapper. “We are constantly refining our free Laubwerk Player to make inserting and rendering high-quality 3D trees as easy as possible.”

Laubwerk accomplishes this goal by giving users just the right amount of variation in their 3D tree models, without overwhelming the user or their computer. Each tree model comes in 3 shapes, with 3 ages, and 4 seasons per shape. Adjustable level of detail settings means that each tree looks great without slow navigation or long rendering times.

All three Laubwerk Plants Kits are each available now for 149 Euro (w/o VAT) at and selected resellers.


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Download press release (PDF, English)
Download press release (PDF, Deutsch)

Download Full HD renderings of the Laubwerk Plants Kit 3:

Image by Gonçalo Próspero architectos using Laubwerk Plants and itoo Forest Pack 4 Rendering of a Queensland umbrella tree taken from the Laubwerk Plants Kit 3 - tropical broadleaf trees, by Mario Kelterbaum using CINEMA 4D and VRAYforC4D Laubwerk Plants Kit 3 - 10 tropical broadleaf species in early dry season Laubwerk Plants Kit 3 - 10 tropical broadleaf species in early wet season