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Laubwerk Technology

The magic happens ...

...behind the scenes. Everybody wants to drive a car, but only a few want to fiddle with the engine.

Arthur C. Clarke once said: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." We say: "Amen!" Still, from time to time, it is nice to sneak behind the scenes so everybody remembers how much intelligence goes into keeping things simple.

  • 3D Plant Research

    Our quest to deliver better 3D plants means constantly exploring the limits of technology, today and tomorrow.

    Laubwerk maintains active relationships with leading experts in digital botany and computer graphics. Their continuing innovations play an important role in improving the quality, usefulness and robustness of our plant models. It is really exciting to see what the future will bring. This passion puts Laubwerks at the leading edge of 3D modeling technology.

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    High-Quality 3D Tree Models

    It's easy to spot when something looks artificial. Laubwerk 3D tree models are realistic enough to fool almost any viewer.

    The high-quality 3D tree models in Laubwerk Plants Kits are made with multi-polygon leaf photographs of various color and translucency, so they bend and catch highlights. Trunk and branches can also be adaptively subdivided for detail and displacement, giving you some of the best-looking 3D trees available.

  • Variety

    Different projects require a vastly different 3D plant selection depending on the region and climate of your 3D scene.

    Our technolgy allows us to build a wide selection of plant species from all around the world. Each high-quality 3D model comes with different variations of age, shape and season. We are preparing new 3D plant species all of the time for our Laubwerk Plants Kit series. All of which are approved by botanical experts to make certain we offer you the best looking 3D plant models.


    Level of Detail

    Easy level of detail controls switch between high-detail when you need quality or lightweight models when you don't.

    While highly-detailed models are nice, their size can often slow down your work. Our easy-to-use level of detail controls remove branches by thickness or level and reduce the amount of leaf geometry, all while maintaining the proper shape and density of the tree. These changes are smooth and can be animated without popping.

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  • Viewport Speed

    You can work fluently with fast viewport speed, no matter how large your scene grows.

    To work effectively, you need fast viewport response, no matter how many 3D plant models are in your scene. The Laubwerk Player offers simple hull or skeleton shapes based on the actual tree geometry (but only accounting for a few hundred polygons) provide you with a close approximation for making accurate model placements, but keep memory consumption to a minimum.


    Our render-ready 3D tree models look great almost instantly. No more long waits, no matter how complex your scene.

    Our technology guarantees advanced rendering quality through ready-made material setups with high-quality photo textures. Combined with our easy-to-use Level of Detail technology and fast viewport speed, Laubwerk's 3D plant solutions offer V-Ray rendering with better detail, faster workflow and lower memory usage than the competition.