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Plants Kit Update, Kit 7 out now

Get the latest update of Laubwerk Plants Kits that adds support for Octane Render and save 20% on all Laubwerk products including the new Tropical Palms Kit until February 3rd - extended until Feb. 10th, 2016.

The forthcoming Laubwerk Plants Kit 7 is a selection of both popular and distinctive tropical palms and palmlike species growing and planted at beaches, in parks, gardens, or streets throughout the tropics.

Press Release

Laubwerk Update, Winter Sale, Kit 7 Pre-Order

Potsdam (Germany), January 26, 2016: German digital botany software company Laubwerk today announces release 1.0.19 of their successful Plants Kits, a collection of render-ready, realistic 3D trees designed specifically for architects, CG and VFX artists. The updates of Plants Kits 1-6 and of the Plants Kit Freebie are available immediately for 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Houdini (Windows), and Python (Windows).

Highlights of the Plants Kit 1.0.19 update are:

  • Added support for Otoy Octane Render (for both, 3ds Max and Cinema 4D).
  • Improved compatibility with Cinema 4D R17 Team Render.
  • Improvements for Thea Render 1.5.x.

Read the full list of improvements and fixes here: To get the updates, sign in to your Laubwerk Account Page and download a fresh installer of your Plants Kits. Windows users are advised to uninstall previous versions of the Laubwerk Player plugin before running the new installer.

Laubwerk also announces the Winter Sale 2016 with 20% off of all Laubwerk products from now until February 3rd, 2016. Apply the coupon code “Winter-Sale-2016” or just follow the link to get a great deal: (The discount is applied at the Checkout). Please also check with any Authorized Laubwerk Reseller for sale prices!

Furthermore, customers may now pre-order Plants Kit 7 for the discounted Winter Sale price. A spectacular collection of tropical palms and palmlike species found across the tropics growing, and planted at beaches, streets, parks, and gardens. The forthcoming Plants Kit 7 includes 10 species, e.g. the coconut palm - the symbol of a tropical island paradise, the travelers palm - one of nature's most distinctive and remarkable plants, and the Vanatu fan palm - one of the most interesting and elegant of all small palms. Pre-order Plants Kit 7 now, save 20% on the purchase, and be the first to get the Kit by mid February 2016.

Laubwerk Plants Kits allow architects, CG artists, and VXF specialists to insert photorealistic tree models into their 3D scenes quickly and easily, without the usual slow downs due to overly complicated parameters or excess memory usage. Laubwerk accomplishes this goal by giving users just the right amount of variation in their 3D tree models, without overwhelming the user or their computer. Each tree model comes in 3 shapes, with 3 ages, and 4 seasons per shape. Adjustable level of detail settings means that each tree looks great without slow navigation or long rendering times.

About Laubwerk GmbH:

Founded in 2010, Laubwerk is a Berlin-born, Potsdam-based CG software company that offers fast and fluent solutions for architects, CG artists, and VFX experts requiring 3D plant models while working with popular 3D software platforms. Laubwerk sets new technical and quality standards with authentic-looking plants that require minimal time and effort while offering maximum detail and control. (


Laubwerk GmbH
Philip Paar, CEO
Tel: +49 331-58 56 992-0
Fax: +49 331-58 56 992-3
August-Bebel-Straße 27
14482 Potsdam, Germany

Download press release (PDF, English)

Download Full HD renderings:

 Cocos nucifera part of Plants Kit 7 (CG artwork by Mario Kelterbaum using Cinema 4D and Otoy OctaneRender) Cocos nucifera part of Plants Kit 7 (CG artwork by Mario Kelterbaum using Cinema 4D and Otoy OctaneRender)