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Release Notes SurfaceSPREAD

Change log since version 1.0.34 of Laubwerk SurfaceSPREAD for Cinema 4D, which receive frequent updates

SurfaceSPREAD is the easy and efficient way to distribute Laubwerk Plants (and any other object) on terrains.

Work-around for R20 users

The current version of SurfaceSPREAD (1.0.45) can be run on R20 using Insydium Bridge ( Make sure that:

  1. Make sure that you are using the latest Cinema 4D R20 version, at least SP1.
  2. Either copy the Plugins > SurfaceSPREAD folder from R18 or R19 to the R20 plugins folder. Delete the .lic file. Or download SurfaceSPREAD installer from your Laubwerk Account and make a custom install to install of the R19 SurfaceSPREAD plugin into the Cinema R20 > Plugins folder.
  3. Download and the free Insydium Bridge and copy the two files to your Cinema 4D R20 > Plugins > SurfaceSPREAD folder.
  4. Start Cinema 4D, press cancel when the Registration window pops up
  5. Then activate the 30 days free demo within the Cinema 4D R20 Plugins menu > SurfaceSPREAD. Or–if you have purchased a full license–request a (free) full license file for R20.
  6. On Windows, Insydium Bridge requires to make some changes in SurfaceSPREAD plugin’s resources. Therefore, make sure that you have WRITE ACCESS permissions in the SurfaceSPREAD folder (“Cinema 4D R20/plugins/SurfaceSPREAD”), as well as for all contained elements and subfolders. The best way to check that is to open the properties of the SurfaceSPREAD folder, untick the Read-Only checkbox, and to take a look into the tab “Security” and give your user Full Access permissions. After that, restart Cinema 4D, and it should work as expected.

Update 1.0.44

  • Hotfix for render farms running Cinema 4D in command line.

Update 1.0.43

  • Performance improvement in combination with the Minimum Distance filter.
  • Fixed issue with network license.

Update 1.0.42

  • Hotfix for the French localization leading registrations to Mediaworks instead of Laubwerk.
  • Fixed a bug that the temporary license activation failed in Cinema 4D R14.
  • Fixed a bug that opening Help failed in Cinema 4D R17.

Update 1.0.41

  • Added French documentation.

Update 1.0.40

  • Port to Cinema 4D R17.

Update 1.0.39

  • Fixed a bug that the Clone Shader was ignored when render instance was checked on.

Update 1.0.38

  • Added French localization.
  • Mostly fixes of bugs introduced with previous versions, some cleanup.
    • Fixed bug of SPREADscape object, which crashed when spline was applied.
    • Fixed bug of SPREADscape object, which didn't consider spline transform anymore.
    • Fixed bug of SPREADscap object, which crashed when changing a detail layer type to Material or Spline.
    • Fixed a bug that the effect of a Spline layer on a SPREADscape object was broken.
    • Fixed a bug that Filter by Material didn't work with bitmap texture.
    • Fixed a bug that Clone Shader parameters were inaccessible.
    • Fixed a bug that the  new license system didn't recognize multi-license anymore.

Update 1.0.37

  • Fixed bug that bounding box display didn't work anymore.
  • Fixed bug that some input objects were ignored.
  • Fixed bug that SurfaceSPREAD din't load after installation in older versions of Cinema 4D R16.

Update 1.0.36

  • Removed CEncrypt class.

Update 1.0.35

  • Added temporary demo license.

Update 1.0.34 - The first official Laubwerk release version

  • Optimized MinDistance filter.
  • Bundled documentation with the plugin and accessible through the plugin menu.