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Philip Paar

CEO and Founding Partner

Philip oversees the strategic vision and daily operations of Laubwerk GmbH. He has been dedicated to the field of 3D landscape modeling and visualization since 2000. Occasionally, Philip is invited as guest lecturer, e.g. by the National University of Singapore, or by the ETH Zurich's Masters of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture.


Vegetation and 3D plant models have fascinated Laubwerk CEO Philip Paar since his years studying Landscape Planning at the Technical University of Berlin.

In 2000, while working at the ZALF Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, Philip collaborated with 3D tree pioneer Oliver Deussen, co-founder of greenworks organic software, creators of Xfrog 3D tree modeling software.

That partnership would continue through Philips future ventures, including time at the Zuse Institute Berlin, investigating computer graphics assisted landscape planning including interactive rendering of heavily-vegetated landscape scenarios.

Projects included a 1.5 million EUR R&D project funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU). Case studies included collaborations with the ETH Zurich (Unesco Biosphere Reserve in Entlebuch, Switzerland) and the Leibniz University of Hanover (Interactive Landscape Plan of Königslutter).

During these projects, Philip also worked as a freelance consultant for Xfrog, managing B2B relations with two of Xfrog’s biggest clients, Nemetschek North America (Vectorworks CAD) and ChiefArchitect (Home Designer).

Philip’s entrepreneurial spirit soon lead him to launch Lenné3D GmbH, a 3D visualization firm whose products and services included 3D landscape visualization based on geo data, as well as real-time interactive landscape scenery software Biosphere3D.

During his tenure at Lenné3D, Philip initiated an ongoing business partnership with Esri Inc, a leading worldwide supplier of Geographic Information System (GIS) software, while the Biosphere3D software Philip developed would become the precursor to Lenné3D's highly-successful Vegetation3D ArcGIS plug-in.

In 2010, Philip launched Laubwerk GmbH with Timm Dapper, a former freelance software designer he met while working for Xfrog. While his CEO duties keep him busy with operations and business development, his passion for vegetation, both real and digital, remains. You will often find Philip working with the designers on the next generation of Laubwerk plant species, or even creating high-quality textures using images of living plants and trees that he photographs himself.


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