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Prof. Dr. Oliver Deussen

Prof. Dr. Oliver Deussen

Scientific Advisor, University of Konstanz

Oliver Deussen is one of the world's leading experts in modeling and rendering complex landscapes and it's applications in architecture, landscape design, ecology, arts, film and advertising. He co-founded two of the 3D plants industry's most successful companies, Greenworks Organic Software and Xfrog Inc.

As Chair of Computer Graphics and Media Informatics at the University of Konstanz's Dept. of Computer and Information Science, Dr. Deussen is actively pursuing the next generation of efficient algorithms for the creation, level-of-detail modeling and display of huge scenes with billions of surfaces. Those developments have been key to the creation of Laubwerk's 3D plant solutions, including Laubwerk Plants Kit.

Professor Deussen's expertise have taken him around the world during his nearly two decade-long career, including a year spent as a visiting professor at the Chinese Academy of Science, SIAT Institute for Applied Technology, Shenzhen. He has also worked at Microsoft Research in Redmond, California as a visiting researcher in the Interactive Visual Media Group.

In addition to his contributions to the field of 3D plant modeling, Dr. Deussen also studies non-photorealistic rendering techniques and information visualization. He is an esteemed member of ACM, SIGGRAPH, Eurographics association of computer graphics and has published over 100 academic papers and has received over 4M euros in funding for various computer graphics projects and research.